Past simple

Let’s try to do this exercise about verbs. It is easy, everything is using the PAST, you have to add – ed at the end of the verb. (example; play- playED) Give it a try! And remember…the past of the verb TO BE is WAS (singular), WERE (plural), because it is a irregular verb. Vamos … More Past simple

Families information

Queridas familias, aquĆ­ os dejo la distribuciĆ³n de los temas para este curso. PRIMER TRIMESTRE SEGUNDO TRIMESTRE TERCER TRIMESTRE –The Place where we live (Unit 4- S.S)–How our bodies work (Unit 1-N.S)–Nutrition (Unit 2-N.S) -I cannot live without you! (Unit 2- S.S) –Eight times around the Sun (Unit 1- S.S) –Matter and energy (Unit 5- … More Families information

New proyect!

Hello everyone! It is time to start a new project, THE PLACE WHERE WE LIVE, it is the first Social Science project. Are you ready to learn all about it? What do you know about the place where you live? Let’s discover it together.