Monday 22nd

It is time to say good-bye… I really missed you all and I will miss you during the summer. This year has been a bit different but you did it all great, you have been excellent pupils! I hope you have a wonderful summer. I love you a lot. Here you have the goodbye video

Friday 19th

Hello! Today we are going to see the “TOOL”, tools are what people use in their jobs. For example; Sonia is a teacher, my tools are; my computer, books, pens and chalks. Watch the video and check the

Wednesday 17th

Good morning everyone, today we are going to keep learning about sectors, check the again and later do the worksheet. Here you have another worksheet, try to join the jobs with their sector. English time!! Find the 5 differences and write them down.

Monday 15th

Today we are going to see the different job sector, watch the video and later check click on sectors and learn about it. Now, try to classify this jobs in their sector, click the image and do the worksheet.

Monday 8th

It is nearly the end of the course but we still have time to see a new project, jobs and work! Check the, press the yellow circle “jobs” learn all the new vocabulary, play the games and watch some of the videos. Once you have watched the videos is time to make your own … More Monday 8th

Friday 5th

Here you have the exam, you can download the “word” and do it there and send it to me or download the “pdf” and do it in a paper or print it and send me a picture. Play kahoot, remember read it slowly and play ONLY ONE TIME. Write your name and surname or write … More Friday 5th

Wednesday 3th

Let’s review! Check the again or use your flapbook to be ready for the exam. Do this worksheet To finish, do your book pages 30 and 31. This will help you for your exam on friday.

Monday 1st

Good morning! How are you? Today we are going to learn what is a moss and a fern. Watch the video and after that in the press in “non-flowering” and learn about them. Do your book pages 26 and 27.

Friday 29th

Good morning! Today we are going to learn about the flowers and fruits. Press nº 3 and then click on FLOWERS, SEEDS AND FRUITS. And learn all about it. Do your book pages 24-25 and do not forget to check the flapbook area. Today, teacher Amelia is going to help us reviewing the verb HAVE, … More Friday 29th

Wednesday 27th

Good morning, today we are going to learn the parts of a tree. Press nº3, go again to EVERGREEN AND DECIDUOUS trees and there review them and click on the emoji PARTS OF A TREE. There is an online activity to do and do not forget to check the flap book area. Do your book … More Wednesday 27th